specialist working on the aquarium and pond, we are ready to bring the feel of the beautiful panorama of the sea bottom, and the natural shades of green foliage in the aquarium at home or in your office.
Armed with our experience, more than a decade in the field of fisheries, ranging from 2003 to be a supplier of fish louhan, marine fish and manufacture aquariums in Semarang and expanded to Surabaya in the field of marine aquarium began in 2006, in 2007 opened a store cityaquarium at the royal plaza Surabaya s / d 2011. And our existence to survive until today. we can also serve the manufacture of aquarium Aquascape, a pool, and a special aquarium resto. So we have a professional and experienced, both the aquarium seawater, freshwater (Arowana and Aquascape), aquarium to display fish consumption in the restaurant, also in the manufacture of a koi pond.
Do not hesitate to ask, we will provide the best solution for you. greeting
Thank you.

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